K-21 Student Programs & Services

  • Highly qualified teachers and instructional assistants for behavioral and mental health programs that enable students to stay academically on par with their peers.


  • Gateway offers middle school and high school programming with smaller academic and elective classroom environments. Mental health counseling is provided for students with special education needs who exhibit mild to moderate adjustment difficulties.

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  • The Options program works with students who demonstrate a need for behavioral and emotional support in order to be successful during the school day.  Students in the Options program may need assistance in managing their behaviors, implementing learned coping strategies, maintaining emotional stability, and/or meeting goals as defined in their IEPs. 

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Emotional Support

  • Emotional support classrooms provide intensive academic and emotional support for students who manifest behaviors that result in behavioral and academic challenges. Students will receive instructional and emotional support based on their individual needs. The primary goal of this program is to improve the academic, social and behavioral skills necessary for success in a school and community setting.

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