Industry & Work Experience

Career Portfolio Project

  • A valuable tool for your future!

    All Pennsylvania high school students are required to complete a graduation project in order to receive a high school diploma. By satisfactorily completing the Career Portfolio Project, students fulfill this requirement for both sending school districts and the Technical College High School. One and done!

    The project includes research and career preparation components, including:

    • resume
    • cover letter
    • thank you letter
    • career plan
    • research paper relevant to the career preparation program*
    • documentation of their achievements


    Students also complete:

    • a job shadow experience and
    • written summary
    • community service mock-interview

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  • *Most high school English courses  require students to write research papers. As long as the topic of the research paper is relevant to their field of study and approved by the program teacher, students may submit papers written for their English class.