K-21 Student Programs & Services

  • Community-Based Instruction programs prepare students to become successful adults.

    These programs strive to help students achieve success in four areas of post-secondary training, including:

    • Employment
    • Community living
    • Recreation
    • Leisure

    When students are between 16 and 21 years old, numerous vocational opportunities exist depending upon their skills, needs and behavior. Students are provided job opportunities based on an assessment that evaluates their pre-vocational activities, job shadowing experiences, vocational exploration and competitive employment history.

    Transition coordinators work with classroom teachers, vocational specialists, and job coaches to coordinate a student's academic studies, vocational training and career exploration.

  • Aspire 
    The transition from high school to college can be an overwhelming experience for any student. It can be even more so for students with an autism spectrum disorder and/or a related mental health disorder. The Aspire program was created with this thought in mind.

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    CHAAMP is a community-based program where students with autism use the community as their classroom. Working with specialized staff, in a classroom facility designed specifically for their unique needs, students with moderate to severe autism build the skills to transition from school to adult, independent life.

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  • Discover Program 
    The Discover program offers students integration of classroom and pre-vocational instruction with on-the-job training. Students with IEPs, between the ages of 16 and 21, are assessed for placement in group or individual settings within the community. 

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  • Transitional Living Program The CCIU Transitional Living program helps students with special needs from 18-21 years enrolled in a Chester County public school district prepare for life after high school. 

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  • Transitional Work Program
    The Transitional Work Program (TWP) is for students who are post-12th grade through age 21 and are not planning to attend post-secondary training programs or a two- to four-year college.

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