K-21 Student Programs & Services

  • The CCIU Transitional Living program helps students with special needs from 18-21 years enrolled in a Chester County public school district prepare for life after high school. 

    An innovative program, Transitional Living places students in a real world setting so that students may become fully participating members of their communities. Since the goal of the Transitional Living program is to prepare students for life after school, their classroom is the community in which they live. Instead of reporting to school each day, students meet at "their apartment," fully-furnished apartment located in a residential building in the heart of West Chester or Kennett Square.

    Students then take on the shared responsibility of apartment life, such as:

    • Completing household chores
    • Preparing meals
    • Budgeting expenses
    • Greeting visitors
    • Answering the phone


    All students in the CCIU Transitional Living program participate in real-life experiences necessary to become full members of their communities. In addition to the independent living skills students develop by maintaining an apartment, students also learn skills necessary participate in everyday life activities such as:

    • Using public transportation
    • Going to the public library
    • Opening a bank account
    • Shopping at local businesses
    • Applying for a job
    • Building self-care skills
    • Enjoying leisure activities


    Experienced teachers in a nurturing environment create an atmosphere in which students gain the confidence and the skills to accept more responsibility and to live independently. Our teachers have been chosen for their skill as educators and for their compassion as people. You will find only the most dedicated, highly-qualified and genuinely caring men and women among our staff.

For more information, contact us:

  • LisaT@cciu.org
  • 484-237-5212