High School

  • The Chester County Academic Competition provides an opportunity for students from 24 high schools to compete in a "college-bowl" format where students answer challenging questions from a variety of categories including literature, math, science, American and world history, geography, and contemporary events.

    It is the mission of Chester County Academic Competition to promote lifelong learning, celebrate academic achievement and enhance self-confidence as members of a team by providing healthy yet challenging opportunities for high school students to develop both academic, social and personal skills.

For more information, Contact us:

  • 484-237-5053
  • AcademicCompetition@cciu.org

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2020-21 Academic Competition Scores and Standings

2020-21 JV Scores Group A

2020-21 Varsity Scores Group A

2020-21 JV Scores Group B

Archived Scores

2020-21 Varsity Scores Group B