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  • The Chester County School Districts' Joint Purchasing Board combines the buying power of the 12 school districts and the Intermediate Unit to annually save taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    The Board takes advantage of lower prices, reduced advertising costs and other economies associated with combining the purchases of materials, supplies and equipment through the joint competitive bidding process. Each year, the Board bids and then bulk purchases hundreds of items in up to 32 different categories.

    For the past four years, savings have averaged over half a million dollars, or about 10% savings over what school districts would have paid if bidding was done on an individual basis.

    The Joint Purchasing Board is composed of a representative of the 12 Chester County school districts and the CCIU's director of Administrative Services. Also, 11 Chester County municipalities participate in the joint purchasing program for selected bid items.

Apple Computer Bid

  • Chester County School Districts' Joint Purchasing Board (CCSDJPB) Apple Pennsylvania Statewide Bid Information.

    Pennsylvania Apple Computer Hardware, Software, Supplies and Miscellaneous Items Bid 1516-1

    Effective January 1, 2020 through December 31, 2024

    In order to properly take part in the Chester County Joint Purchasing Board's Pennsylvania Apple Computer Bid, please note the following initial instructions:

    • Download the Board Resolution PDF file
    • Print and complete the resolution and submit to your board
    • Return the approved resolution to the Chester County School Districts' Joint Purchasing Board (CCSDJPB) via US Mail (address is contained in the resolution)


    Afterwards, you may place Apple orders via one of the following methods:

    • Via your Apple Sales Account Executive (call 1-800-800-APPL for contact information)
    • Directly from Apple by calling 1-800-800-APPL
    • Using the Apple K-12 Institutions Price List (please note: Apple's Third-Party Products price list is not included in this bid)
    • Be sure to note "Per CCSDJP Apple Bid 1516-1 for 2023-24" on purchase orders


    Note: Districts participating in the CCSDJP Apple Bid are also agreeing to the terms of Apple's standard Apple Direct Customer Agreement ("ADCA"). Please address any questions regarding the ADCA to the Apple Contract Program Manager, Kathy Klass, at 703-264-3249.

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  • Jason Lichtfus, Purchasing Manager
  • 484-237-5156