School Support Services

Public Relations (PR) Toolkit

  • The purpose of this toolkit is to provide examples of commonly-used communications and public relations tools in the world of education. As our district partner, we invite you to utilize the tools, as well as to provide us with feedback for improvements and/or to suggest other tools that you would like to have available as a part of this kit.

Communication Services

  • Our staff is available to assist school districts in developing and implementing plans, projects and programs that enhance internal and external communications.

    Interested? Call 484-237-5171 to learn how CCIU Communications Services can help your district effectively communicate its message!

Layout and Design

  • Brochures, and newsletters, and flyers… Oh, my! It’s no secret that we live in a highly visual world. Let our staff help you by designing your publications in a sharp, attractive manner that will make them more than memorable.

Presentation Design

  • Interested in keeping your audience awake during your presentation? Our staff can help you logically arrange key points to not only keep your audience interested, but also to ensure that participants leave with the information you wanted to convey.

Writing Services

  • Different audiences and purposes call for different types of content. Communications staff can determine your audience and purpose, identify how to get your message across, and then help communicate your goals effectively!

Social Media Integration

  • Does your district have a social media presence? Whether or not it’s intentional, the answer is yes. If your district isn’t representing itself in the world of social media, chances are someone else is doing it for you. Communications staff can set up your social media accounts, maintain a strong social media presence, or provide consultation on social media best practices.


  • Your presentation is just as key as your messaging. Communications staff can help you ensure your typesetting is both clean and elegant.


  • Let CCIU Communications staff – rather than the public – be your spelling and grammar police. A minimum of three staff members will proof your writing and catch any ‘oops’ before your document is published.

Special Events Planning

  • From the initial planning stages through the execution of the event itself, CCIU communications staff know what it takes to pull off the perfect district event. Tell us your vision for the perfect event and let us take care of the logistics with the same careful planning and preparation that we utilize for our own 20+ yearly student events, and other special events like ribbon-cutting ceremonies and organization milestone celebrations


  • Let our photography services help tell your district’s story. Communications staff are available to photograph district events or conduct special-purpose photography sessions to accompany district communications including, but not limited to, brochures, press releases and your district’s web site. Staff members utilize high-quality photography equipment and can facilitate every step of the process from picture-taking, to editing, to providing digital or print photographs.