Child and Career Development Center

Child and Career Development Center

Work Experience
11th grade to age 21

The Career Academy Work Experience Class is designed for students who are approved for a supervised transition program. Students in the work experience program actively seek out unique and challenging work experience opportunities. The work experience team creates individualized work experience plans specific to each student’s strengths and interests. This program supports paid and unpaid on-the-job experiences as well as assists students in selecting careers and preparing them for the world of work.  Staff will assist the students in job searching, interview preparation, schedule organization, travel training, obtaining personal documents and portfolio growth. In addition, students research and investigate a variety of work related and daily living topics such as personal banking, budgeting and functional reading and writing skills. Many activities focus on communication and interpersonal skills. A constant theme throughout the work experience program is an emphasis on 21st CenturyTechnologies and the ability to work efficiently and effectively within a technical world.Students will develop employment skills, work habits and attitudes conducive to job success and personal growth.