Parent Mentor Overview

  • The parent mentor provides direct support to parents, students, and school districts in a variety of ways.  A few of the services provided by the parent mentor include, but are not limited to:  

    • Parent consultation on special education regulations, rights, and timelines 
    • Training and support for parent networks
    • Consultation and training on IEP meeting, Evaluation Reports, 504 service agreements, etc.
    • Assistance with effective home-school partnerships
    • Customized trainings for parents and educators
    • Guidance on community supports throughout the county 

    For additional resources, please visit the Parent Mentor information page.

For more Information, Contact Us

  • Rachel Yevel, Parent Mentor
  • 484-237-5123
Rachel Yevel


  • Consulting, training, and workshops are offered at no charge to Chester County school districts through funding from IDEA.