Teacher Center

  • Teacher Center General Workshop Information: Teacher Center workshops are designed to expose teachers to the integration of technology into their classrooms. Hands-on experience with the technology will be included whenever possible, but these workshops are meant to give teachers a taste of the possibilities technology offers for education. For more in-depth workshops, please browse through our ½ day and full-day IES workshop offerings. Questions? Email: teachercenter@cciu.org.

    Fees to attend: All non-Chester County educators, non-public school educators, charter school educators and part-time educators will be charged $10.00 to attend this workshop. The $10.00 fee will be collected upon checking into the Teacher Center. Cash or check only. All full-time Chester County public school educators (excluding charter school educators) will be required to show a school ID in order to have the $10.00 fee waived.

    Act 48 Credit Information: Act 48 Credit is available for most 1-Hour Teacher Center Workshops.  Please see specific workshop description for more information.  Act 48 Credit is also available for ½ day and full-day, and online IES workshop offerings.