Academic Consulting Services

  • A coach mentor can:

    • Help coaches develop their skills in the following areas: understand and utilize the Before-During-After cycle of coaching; build relationships and collaborate in their practice; and recognize the importance of confidentiality in their role.
    • Support coaches’ efforts to build creative, positive, and productive relationships with teachers and administrators
    • Work with coaches from many different subject specialties, trained in many ways, by providing professional development and professional learning that is essential to their work.
    • Serve as a source of information about programs promoted by the IU(s) and PDE, and provide an opportunity for coaches to network and get support from outside of their school and district.

    PA Institute for Instructional Coaching (PIIC)

    This service provides school districts with professional learning, networking, and mentoring for instructional coaches.

    PIIC, a partnership of the Annenberg Foundation and the Pennsylvania Department of Education, is a statewide resource for developing and supporting consistent, high-quality instructional coaching in Pennsylvania schools.

    PIIC builds on the work of the Pennsylvania High School Instructional Coaching Initiative (PAHSCI), which established a model for instructional coaching in 26 high schools in 16 high-needs districts. PIIC takes a different approach by establishing instructional mentors from each of the state's Intermediate Units to support coaching. PIIC provides mentors and coaches with the framework for balancing the working relationship between teachers, coaches, and administrators.

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