K-12 Student Events

  • We look forward to your school being involved in this exciting event. Team formation guidelines and participant responsibilities are provided below. 

    Please note the following:

    • Each school must assign one building coordinator
    • Each team must have two adult volunteers
    • One adult volunteer serves as a team chaperone who stays with the team on the night of the event
    • One adult volunteer serves as either a moderator or a scorekeeper who will not stay with the team on the night of the event but will serve in a room that is assigned

    Parents are invited to attend as spectators. Due to the large crowds and nature of the event, the attendance of preschool children is discouraged. Spectators may not interfere in the questioning or scoring processes.

  • Team Formation Guidelines
  • Building Coordinator Responsibilities
  • Student Responsibilities
  • Team Chaperone Responsibilities

Moderator Responsibilities

Scorekeeper Responsibilities