Architecture & Construction

  • Students who are passionate about electrical occupations and want their education to include hands-on building, installing and repairing of electrical systems will thrive in this program. Students in this program are taught through a combination of classroom, laboratory and live work experiences, including: understanding of safety, conduit bending and threading, anchoring systems, how to navigate a jobsite, an in-depth understanding of electricity and much more. This program will allow students to navigate the National Electrical Code (NEC) and will prepare them for employment or provide them with a strong foundation to pursue further education.

    The following are a list of careers that students can pursue: Electrician, Commercial & Industrial Equipment Repairer, Sales Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Electrical Contractor, Electrician Technician, Electrical Contractor.

Career Skill Levels

  • Certifications

    Pennsylvania Skills Certificate

    OSHA/Career Safe 10-Hour Certification

    Safety and Pollution 2
    Solar Photovoltaic Installation

    CPR/First Aid Certificate

    Lockout/Tagout Certification 

    Snap-on Digital Multimeter

    Skills Certificate (based on NOCTI)

  • Workplace Opportunities

    Some notable partners include: IDEAL, Amber Electric, A&D Electric, IBEW and more!

CIP 46.0399

  • The Department of Education provides a CIP Code to approved Programs of Study (POS). Schools and postsecondary institutions use the CIP code to categorize the POS, outline the scope and sequence of educational offerings and develop a POS task list. Click here to review the task list.