Engineering & Industrial Technologies

  • Students in this new program will be prepared for a variety of metalworking occupations as they gain hands-on experience with both welding and metal shaping equipment. This program will teach students how to fabricate new items and repair existing metal items. Students will be instructed using industry standard machines, such as: lathes, mills, grinders, drills, saws and welders that will allow students to form, shape, mold, cut, twist and work upon metal. This program prepares students for industry careers or college.

Career Skill Levels

  • Certifications

    Earn up to 3 certifications.

  • Workplace Opportunities

    Upperclassmen may be hired at 5 local companies. Co-ops allow students to work during their school day, earn real-world experience and build their resumes.

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CIP 48.0508

  • The Department of Education provides a CIP Code to approved Programs of Study (POS).  Schools and postsecondary institutions use the CIP code to categorize the POS, outline the scope and sequence of educational offerings and develop a POS task list. Click here to review the task list.