Elementary & Middle School

Inventors Let your passion drive creation!

  • Chester County students in grades 4-12  are invited to use design thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills to prototype an invention that will make the world a better place. Open to individual students and teams of up to three students. Use any materials you can access. There are no limits to the invention that you can create. Let your creativity soar!

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  • Diane Thomson

Invention STEPS

  • 1. Enter the competition in the following levels:

    • Elementary: 4-5 grade
    • Middle school: 6-8 grade
    • High school: 9-12 grade

    2. Design and Create a prototype:

    • Prototype does not have to be completely built for your video entry; you can submit a video pitch even if your prototype is still under construction

    3. Record a video pitch (not to exceed 3 minutes) of your invention and tell us:

    • What is your invention
    • Why you designed and created your invention
    • How you designed and created your invention
    • How your invention "Makes the World a Better Place"
      • and show us as much of your prototype as you can! 

    4. Submit an entry to have your pitch and idea reviewed:

    • Students may work as an individual or team
      • one entry per individual/team
    • Enter today by providing names(s) and contact info at a minimum
    • Deadline to complete your entry by adding full details and video is April 15, 2023

Invention Resources

  • Video Pitch Requirements:

    • Maximum length is 3 minutes 
    • Video should run continuously. Don’t worry if you bobble a bit. That’s not important. We want to hear your story. Relax and have fun!

    Video Should Include:

    • Introduction Hook - Be passionate and give your audience a strong, but brief statement to tell them where you are going and why they should listen. The best hooks often talk about how you came to invent the product to begin with. 
    • Consideration of the audience - Think of your audience. What is their interest? Don’t forget to tell your audience why they should care about your problem and solution. Make sure your story responds to how you will be evaluated.
    • Simple language and graphics - With limited time, your audience needs to understand your invention and the path you took to get there. They will be listening to several other entries. One of the best ways to standout is to keep your language and communication simple.
    • A strong close - Finishing strong is important. Sometimes it’s good to ask for some type of support; other times, it makes sense to challenge the audience in some way. Either way the close should tie in to your opening delivering the audience safely back from its journey.

    *Important: Do not set videos as “private” on YouTube or Vimeo. This will leave them inaccessible to the judges. Set videos to either “public” or “unlisted”. 

Invention Helpful Tips

  • Article: The 3 Skills You Need to Innovate Like a Pro. It's never enough just to have a great idea.

    • Practice your video and get feedback from friends and family
    • Remember to engage your audience - smile, speak clearly, and create eye contact
    • Have FUN!!

    • Having trouble getting started? Consider addressing the following questions:
      • How did you think of this invention?
      • What problem are you trying to solve with this invention?
      • How does your invention work?
      • Have you (or others) used the invention and did it work?
      • What did you learn in making the invention that caused you to make changes to the design?
      • Who do you think will use this invention? Does it hold mass appeal?
      • What impact on the environment do you think your invention will have?
      • Does your invention help the world, or just a few people?

Invention Ideas

Selected Inventions

    • Semi-finalists: Six entries will be selected at each level
      • Semi-Finalists will be notified via email by May 1, 2024 and invited to pitch their invention to a live audience on Friday, May 17, 2024 at the Chester County Intermediate Unit.
    • Finalists: 
      • Finalists in each level will receive cash awards for 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place:
        • Specific award information to be announced.

Invention Scoring Rubric

  • Judges will use this scoring rubric for all entries to determine the six finalists at each level.