STEM Saturday Session Descriptions

  • BlocksCAD - BlocksCAD 3D modeling is graphical, engaging, and fun! Students will write code to create their own designs that can be fabricated on any 3D printer or used in an AR/VR environment.

    Co-Spaces - Bring your creativity and build immersive 3D environments, interactive stories, or design a virtual exhibition using Co-Spaces visual coding language. The possibilities are limitless!

    Scratch - Scratch is a visual programming language developed by the MIT Media Lab. It provides a stepping stone to the more advanced world of computer programming. Students will work in event-driven programming with multiple active objects called Sprites. Their creativity will soar as they create fun animations using their talent and imagination!

    Video Game Design - Design and play your own video game using a fun and interactive video game creation program called Bloxels. Stretch your imagination as you create, characters, villains, levels and storylines.

    Space Adventures - In this "out of this world" session students will have the opportunity to put themselves in the shoes of a space pioneer. During this session students will engage in activities centered around STEM learning with a space twist. Students will have the opportunity to ideate and innovate their way to space!

    Recycle Challenge - Students will be guided through fun challenges using everyday recyclable items found in your home. Learn new STEM skills while creating and having fun!

    Design Challenge - During this interactive session your young STEM designer will engage with the design thinking process to discover, innovate, and hack their way to solutions to a series of STEM challenges. Your young designer will walk away from this session with sketches, 3-D models, and fun new ideas of those everyday items around the house!

    MakeCode - Combine the magic of making with the power of code to bring your ideas to life. Learn together then take you new skills to keep on creating!

    Python Turtles - Student will learn or enhance their programming skills while using a virtual canvas to create colorful designs and drawings.