• career and training fair

  • The Chester County Technical College High School (TCHS) is requesting your participation as a partner for the fourth annual Career & Training Fair. This event provides employers the opportunity to meet graduating seniors from related industry programs. Nearly 700 graduating TCHS students are expected to participate.

    Students and employers are grouped by industry clusters so that you will meet the most appropriate candidates. Unlike most job fairs, this event provides a personal 1:1 sit-down interview with each candidate. Participants come prepared in interview attire with work samples and resumes.

    In order to maintain the health and safety of all involved due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event will be conducted virtually this year. TCHS will provide technical assistance to create a virtual job booth and all interviews will be conducted via Brazen, an events management platform.
    To our Business and Industry Representatives
    Thank you for supporting our schools and students. Below you will find a few helpful tips to guide you through the virtual process. For step-by-step instructions, please review the Brazen Representative Guide. We appreciate your understanding and support in our new virtual interviewing model.
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Contact Us

  • ctf@cciu.org
  • 484-593-5100

Before the Event

    • You must be registered as a representative through Brazen before you can begin interviewing students! If you have not completed the registration, please click here.

    • Please, be sure to use Google Chrome as your main web browser and to log into your Brazen account at least 30-45 minutes before the event start time.

    • During the event, Brazen must be the only browser open. Your connection may be affected if you have multiple tabs opened.

    • When you are logged in and ready to start interviewing, all you need to do is turn your chat availability on and you'll be placed in a one-on-one text chat as soon as an attendee is available. It's that simple!

During the Event

    • When you are connected with a student via text chat, you can review their resume in their profile.

    • When you are ready, turn on your video and make sure to request the student to turn “on” their video screen.

    • If you need a break, please turn your availability to the “off” position until you return, then turn back to “on” when ready to start interviews again. There will be a break in the day from 10:00 a.m. - 11:45 p.m. for you to take lunch and address business needs.

    • We are asking you to limit interviews to 10 minutes to allow sufficient time to allow as many students as possible. The clock will begin as soon as you invite the student into your room. Once you finish with a student and click the “End Chat” button, this will pull the next student waiting in line into your room. If you would like additional time with a student, you can click a button to extend your time with them. This occurs in two-minute intervals.

    • If you are interested in hiring the student or giving them a second interview, feel free to provide them with your contact information.

    • If you find that you have some free time, you may search for students and review their resumes; however, you cannot connect with them.

    • Some students may ask for additional opportunities. It is permissible to deny this request.

Employer FAQ

    • Most students will be first-time interviewers and age 17, please have patience with our students!

    • Students will be wearing masks on the day of the event, so communication may be muffled, and you may need to ask students to annunciate at times.

    • Students may have a name badge on the day of the event with their name and CTE program for you to use to easily identify the student interviewee (if no name badge, you will see the student’s name on the Brazen link).

    • Students will be asked to select three employers to interview with, however, there may be additional time for other interviews.

Technical Issues

  • If you are experiencing technical issues at any point, you may access our "CTF Help Center" via Zoom.
    If may also use our chat feature located on the bottom left corner to chat live with a CCIU staff member.