Special Education

  • Autistic support classrooms provide intensive, language enriched programming for students on the autism spectrum. Students will receive direct instruction in order to improve their individual academic, social, behavioral and communication skills.


  • The Child and Career Development Center is focused on providing a child-centered teaching and learning environment that enables students to reach their full potential in all aspects of their lives.

    Age Range of Students: 5 - 21

    Location: Coatesville, PA

    For more information, contact Sue Mateka at suem@cciu.org or 610-383-7400


  • CHAAMP is a community-based program where students with autism use the community as their classroom. Working with specialized staff, in a classroom facility designed specifically for their unique needs, students with moderate to severe autism build the skills to transition from school to adult, independent life.

    Age Range of Students: 14 - 21

    Location: Downingtown, PA

    For more information, contact Kim Ring at kimberlyri@cciu.org or 610-518-6862


  • The Aspire program provides students diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder and/or a related mental health disorder, ages 17 to 20, with the opportunity to participate in a college campus experience, and to develop social, academic and emotional skills to be successful. 

    Age Range of Students: 18 - 21

    Location: West Chester, PA

    For more information, contact Lisa Tzanakis at lisat@cciu.org or 484-237-5212