Act 45

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  • Transforming Learning to Increase Student Achievement

    This program is fully online, self-paced with limited facilitation - 40 Act 45 PIL Hours
    Join fellow educators and leaders as we journey through Transforming Learning: 8 Keys to Designing Tomorrow's Schools by Eric Sheninger & Thomas Murray. Explore the 8 Keys that are an imperative call to action to school leaders to create and lead schools that are relevant to the world our students are living in as well as the world they will enter upon graduation.

    Technology Leadership that Increases Student Achievement

    This program is fully online, self-paced with limited facilitation - 30 Act 45 PIL Hours
    This program focuses on how to use technology to become a better school leader. The course is based on the recognized work of Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) and incorporates two resources: - Become a Highly Capable School System Technology Leader - The Framework for Essential Skills of a CTO

Coming May 2021

  • We are excited to announce five new Act 45 online courses that will be offered May 2021:

    • A Deeper Look into Grading and Reporting for Mastery Learning - 40 PIL Hours
    • All Students Must Thrive: Transforming Schools to Combat Toxic Stressors and Cultivate Critical Wellness - 40 PIL Hours
    • Best Practices in Curriculum - 40 PIL Hours
    • Creating an Equitable Culture of Leadership - 40 PIL Hours
    • The Danielson Framework for Teaching, The Calibration of Observation Skills -30 PIL Hours

    Registration information will be available in April 2021

Currently running: Principal Study Council, 2020-2021, All Students Must Thrive

  • Headshot of Dr. Tyrone Howard

    Program facilitated by Dr. Tyrone Howard

    The 2020-21 Principal Study Council offers principals multiple opportunities to grow their understanding of how educators of all levels nurture the social-emotional wellness that is essential for all students to thrive. Through collaborative study and discourse on research-based practices, participants learn a critical wellness approach that brings together three theoretical frameworks relevant to equity in schools - wellness, critical pedagogy, and critical race theory.

    At the October 22 kick-off meeting, author and education leader Tyrone Howard will share his insights into what it takes to cultivate a community of learners and strategies on how to reach disengaged students and ensure learners feel cared for, empowered and inspired to be their best.

    40 Act 45 PIL Hours
    October 22, January 28 and March 25