• Students at the CCIU Learning Center spend half of their school day in academic classes and the other half in their pre-vocational shop program. The academic program offers core subject areas, including language arts, social studies, science and mathematics that are designed to meet the learning and educational needs of students. Additionally, eleventh- and twelfth-grade students have an opportunity to participate in a work experience program.

  • Mission Statement To promote a safe, individualized, and supportive learning environment for students who possess unique and diverse needs to support their sustained growth as contributing members of society.

  • Vision Statement To empower students to realize their potential, positively impact their communities, and acquire the tools necessary to experience success in school and beyond.


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  • Our Beliefs Customer Service
    We aspire to exceed our students’, families’, districts’ and stakeholders’ expectations in providing every child a quality education.

    We work collaboratively with our students’ educational team, community partners and families to ensure individualized support and educational equity for every student.

    We are leaders in providing exemplary, specialized services to our students, districts, and communities.

    We foster an innovative approach to student education to ensure we meet the unique and evolving needs of our students.

    We serve as a liaison for families, districts, and students; connecting them with support networks.

    Professional Commitment
    We uphold ethical and responsible service as educators to provide equitable support of students.

    Organizational Culture
    We provide an environment that fosters teamwork, creativity, professional growth, high morale, opportunity and pride in all we do.

    Supportive Environment
    We provide a supportive learning environment designed to support the whole student.

    Educational Equity
    We are committed to providing equitable access to all areas of our programming for all students.