Can I visit TCHS Pickering?
    Yes! Prospective students and their families are invited to open houses offered during the school year when they can tour the building, see program demonstrations, meet our instructors and learn more about the many opportunities provided by today’s Career & Technical Education Programs. You may also contact us for a personal tour during the school day, please email JulieB@cciu.org, or call 610-933-8877, Ext. 4231.
    Check our website calendar for the next Open House and join us!
    Why should I consider a Career & Technical Education (CTE)?
    In a knowledge-based, innovation-driven era, different knowledge, skills, and abilities will be required for workers and employers to be successful. The new workplace demands higher order technical skills, as well as 21st century skills, such as the ability to learn on one’s own; to gather and synthesize information; to work effectively in teams; to solve problems; to communicate through multiple means; and to manage time, money, and responsibilities.
    Will TCHS prepare me for college?
    Yes. College prep and honors academics are offered, as well as Spanish Levels 1, 2, and 3 . The PSAT and Accuplacer college placement test are offered on-site annually, SAT and ACT testing is scheduled through our counseling office. TCHS school counselors work with students throughout the college application process and scholarship search. Students may earn college credit for high school course work, as well as credit for prior learning. Students may earn nationally recognized industry certifications and participate in our Cooperative Education Program high school job placement (earn a grade and a paycheck). TCHS has an active National Honor Society and National Technical Honor Society for eligible students. There are numerous student organizations that provide opportunities to enhance college applications and resumes with targeted leadership and community service activities, plus regional, state and national competitions. 
    View a listing of Colleges and Universities that have accepted TCHS Pickering graduates.

    Can I attend full time (academics and Career & Technical Education Program) or part time (Career & Technical Education Program)?
    Although most students attend part time, some students attend full time. Half-day students take just a Career & Technical Program. Occasionally, certain half-day students also take an academic course at TCHS Pickering Campus along with their Career & Technical Education major. Our school counselor will create these course schedules on a case-by-case basis. Please check with your sending school counselor or school principal to verify your school’s policy regarding full time or part time attendance at the Pickering Campus. 

    Do I have to wear a uniform?
    Students wear professional program attire specific to each program. This is your uniform for the time that you spend in your CTE program and ensures your safety as well as getting you ready for the expectations of your profession. Students order their uniforms the summer before they begin studying at TCHS. Current students, please go to: http://www.tchs.clemensuniform.com/ to order your TCHS uniform based on the student's Career & Technical Education program title. 
    Who issues my high school diploma?
    Graduates receive a high school diploma from their sending school and a standards certificate from the Technical College High School.  

    How do I get to TCHS Pickering Campus? Is there transportation?
    Your sending school district transportation department will provide bus transportation to and from TCHS Pickering Campus. 

    Can I participate in my home school sports and extra curriculum activities?
    Many school districts provide transportation for their students to be picked up from TCHS Pickering Campus and returned to their sending school to participate in sports and other extra curricular activities. Please verify this option with your sending school guidance counselor. 

    How do I enroll?
    Complete an application online or ask your guidance counselor for a paper application.
    Take the admissions occupational assessment scheduled at your school or here at TCHS Pickering Campus. The majority of students apply for fall courses.  We have a rolling admissions policy. Grades, attendance and student conduct count. Work hard in school and do your best. Please direct admissions questions to Jennifer Chicosky, Admissions Specialist, at JenniferChi@cciu.org or 484-237-5325.
    I have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Do you have a learning support program? 
    Yes, we have teachers available to provide supports that are in your IEP.  For example, the special education teachers in the Learning Center, room 241, provide learning support.  Some of our courses are co-taught. This means that a class may have two teachers: a special education and math teacher collaborating during instruction. We have classes that offer direct instruction.  If you need more emotional support, we have classes and supports available. Once at Pickering, you will be assigned an IEP manager to monitor your IEP and progress.  
    If my child is denied admission, may I appeal the decision?
    Yes. If a school board refuses a student admission, he/she may apply to the State Board for Vocational Education for admission to such school or department. The State Board for Vocational Education may approve or disapprove such application. In making such decisions the State Board for Vocational Education shall take into consideration the opportunities for free vocational training in the community in which the applicant resides, the financial status of the community, the age, preparation, aptitude and previous record of the applicant, and all other relevant circumstances. The decision of the State Board for Vocational Education shall be final.

    To appeal a denial for admission, please visit:
    Or contact:
    Dr. Lee Burket | Director
    Pennsylvania Department of Education - Bureau of career and Technical Education
    333 Market Street | Harrisburg, PA 17126-0333
    Phone: 717.787.5530 | Fax: 717.783.6672

    What is the average class size?        
    There are approximately 350 students enrolled, grades 9-12. We attempt to keep class sizes below 25. Specialized instruction classes are generally smaller. 

    What clubs and social activities are available for the students at TCHS?
    There are numerous student activities. Skills USA, DECA, FFA, Health Occupation Students of America, Key Club, SADD, American Association for Laboratory Animals, Chester County Student Forum, Yearbook Committee, to name a few.
    Community service projects are numerous and meaningful. There are also dances and field trips through out the year.  You could attend the prom at TCHS Pickering and again at your home school!