• Policies & Procedures

    Attendance Policy

    • Students are expected to maintain excellent attendance practices in order to develop the skills, knowledge, attitude, and behavior necessary to succeed in post-secondary education and employment.
    • Students are expected to maintain an attendance rate of 95% (10 school days' absence per year) or better during the school year.
    • Students must attend 90% of the scheduled class periods to expect course completion. Failure to do so may result in failure for the marking period, semester, or school year.
    • Excessive tardiness is also unacceptable both at school and in the workplace. Therefore, every four instances of lateness will be considered as one unexcused absence.
    • Class attendance is a student's obligation and responsibility. A student who abuses the attendance policy cannot expect to do well in school, will not receive credit for the course in which he/she is enrolled, and may be denied the opportunity to continue his/her program during the next school year.
    • Parents/guardians will be notified in writing (by certified mail) when students have missed five and nine days of a one-semester course and ten and 18 days of a full-year course. The administration and guidance staff at the student's sending school will also be notified in writing of the attendance problem. A parent conference will then be held to discuss the student's absenteeism.
    • Absences due to sending-school activities, sending-school calendar differences, school-imposed suspensions, funeral and/or religious observations will not be counted towards this policy. Serious or prolonged illness and other extenuating circumstances will be considered when administering this policy.

    Uniform/Career Attire Policy

    • All students are required to purchase and wear "career attire" in all occupational programs.
    • Students who cannot afford to purchase career attire will be provided financial assistance.
    • Due to the uniqueness of the occupational programs, required career attire will vary from program to program.
    • Ninth grade students participating in the exploratory program are required to wear ninth grade program attire.
    • All students attending the Pickering Campus are required to purchase a uniform for physical education class.

    Grading Policy

    Students will be graded as follows:

    Grades are averaged using a numeric grade that is converted into one of the point scales below. Both honors and advanced placement courses receive weighted grades, which adds to the grade point value earned in these courses. A grade of C or above in honors and advanced placement courses earns extra grade points.

     Final Grade
    Standard Course
    Honors Course
    Advanced Placement (AP) Course
     A+ 4.25
     4.50  4.75
     A  4.00  4.25  4.50
     B+  3.50  3.75  3.99
     B  3.00  3.25  3.49
     C+  2.50  2.75  2.99
     C  2.00  2.25  2.49
     D  1.00  1.25  1.50
     F  0.00 0.00