• Admissions 

    This page contains everything you need to know to make your future career a reality at TCHS. Start your future now and learn more about admissions!

  • Careers Have No Gender

    There is no such thing as a gender-specific career. At TCHS we encourage our students to break stereotypes by exploring careers you are passionate about. Let us help you find your passion! 
  • Programs 

    Are you curious as to what you can study at TCHS? Visit our programs page and learn what opportunities are available for you to begin your future career!     

  • A Day in the Life 

    Curious as to what a day in the life of a TCHS student might look like? Come and see just a few examples of what your day might look like as a TCHS student. 
  • College Credit NOW 

    Did you know you can earn college credit while at TCHS? Not only can you explore a career, but you can get a head start on your college education. Learn more here.  

  • Plan a Visit 

    Now that you have had the chance to explore what we are all about, it’s time to come and visit. The only way to know if TCHS is right for you is to come see it!