• The Chester County Intermediate Unit Practical Nursing Program (PNP) is a post-secondary program that prepares you to pass the NCLEX-PN: National Council Licensure Examination for Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurses, allowing you a faster entry into the nursing profession and opportunities for future growth and education in the field.

    Program Outcomes

    • The Chester County Intermediate Unit Practical Nursing Program NCLEX-PN first-time test takers pass rate for October 1, 2019-September 30, 2020 was 92.98%.
    • 71 students graduated during 2019-2020.



    Completion Rate for CCIU Practical Nursing Program 


    Completion Rate for PNP Program




    100% Curriculum (4 Levels-(Original cohort) start to finish program)



    150% Curriculum (6 Levels- students needing to repeat courses up to 6 Levels)






    Aggregated: 4 cohorts        












    Aggregated: 2 cohorts         









End-of-Program Student Learning Outcomes

  • Upon completion of the PNP, the graduate will:

    1. Practice as a novice healthcare team member within the framework established by the Nurse Practice Act of the State of PA.
    2. Develop a spirit of inquiry to promote personal and professional growth.
    3. Utilize the nursing process to provide safe, holistic care to diverse populations in a variety of settings.
    4. Integrate clinical reasoning and evidence-based practice to promote high quality, safe and effective care.
    5. Demonstrate collaborative communication to advocate for the clients, families and groups.
    6. Apply leadership and management principles to achieve quality and safety outcomes.

    *Revised December 2018

    The Chester County Intermediate Unit Practical Nursing Program in Downingtown, PA in accordance with ACEN standards is accredited by the: Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) 3390 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 1400 Atlanta, GA 30326, (404) 975-5000, www.acenursing.org. The most recent accreditation decision made by the ACEN Board of Commissioners for the CCIU Practical nursing program in Feb 2018 is: Continuing Accreditation. View the public information disclosed by the ACEN regarding this program at http://www.acenursing.us/accreditedprograms/programSearch.htm

  • Mission

    To provide a quality, innovative, cost-effective and student-focused curriculum to a diverse population, preparing graduates to practice as competent licensed practical nurses.

  • Locations

  • Beliefs

    Customer Service - We are committed to exceeding customers’ expectations.
    Partnership - We collaborate with partners to assure a seamless career pathway of life-long learning and a robust, diverse nursing workforce.
    Innovation - We promote change to meet evolving needs and foster innovation. Leadership - We embrace a leadership role in assuring quality holistic nursing education and in cultivating interaction with community partners Advocacy We serve as an advocate for our students, nursing education and practical nursing at large.
    Professional Commitment - We maintain the highest standards of conduct.
    Organizational Culture - We provide an environment that encourages flexibility, teamwork, mutual respect, creativity, professional growth, high morale, opportunity and pride in all we do.

  • Goals

    Grow PNP to help meet the practical nursing workforce demand in Chester and neighboring counties.
    Ensure that the PNP remains competitive, cost-effective and high quality.
    Maintain NCLEX-PN first-time test-taker pass rates that exceed the state average.
    Maintain graduate and employer high approval of outcomes.
    Continually review curriculum to support seamless career pathways (LPN to RN, including BSN) and position the graduate LPN to excel in evolving health care market.
    Maintain tuition increase not to exceed 4% while increasing enrollment and maintaining a high quality program.
    Cultivate leadership/advocacy role for PN education and LPNs and emerge as a leader in nursing education at large.
    Partner to obtain highly competitive grants targeting larger institutions

Advantages of the Practical Nursing Program

  • Smooth transition to RN degree

  • High job placement

  • Hands-on experience

  • Focused on the individual

  • Experienced staff

  • Accredited program

  • Flexible scheduling options