Admissions Process

  • Acceptance into the Chester County Intermediate Unit Practical Nursing Program is based on the following set of requirements:

Pre-Admission Testing

  • Pre-Admission Testing

    A key component of the admissions process is the ability to earn a passing grade on the ATI TEAS Test. This is a nationally recognized exam frequently used for thousands of nursing school applicants. The test measures basic academic skills - Reading Comprehension, Mathematics, Science and English, and helps to predict success in a nursing program.  Applicants who score low on the test generally have difficulty with the academic course material while those who score high tend to do well in nursing programs. 

    Minimum scores must be achieved on the ATI Test (TEAS):

    • The pre-entrance exam is administered at the Brandywine Campus and West Grove Campus. Students may elect to attend testing at either campus.
      • Pre-entrance scores from other facilities will be accepted.
    • The results of the pre-entrance exam must meet the minimum criteria for entrance. Remediation will be suggested as needed.
    • The pre-entrance exam may only be re-taken twice.
    • Applicants must wait one month (30 days) to retake the exam. If the minimum scores are not achieved, the applicant will not be admitted.


Clearances & Certifications

  • Clearances & Certifications

    • Maintains required CPR certification from the point of orientation through active enrollment.
    • Has a PA Criminal Record Check, Child Abuse History Clearance and an FBI Fingerprint Services report will need to be obtained through our Castlebranch Portal and the resulting record will be evaluated by the director of the program on an individual basis.
    • Has evidence of legal immigration or citizenship to be eligible. We do not enroll students with F-1 immigration status.
    • Mandatory drug screening is required for acceptance and may occur periodically while enrolled in the program.

Personal Qualifications

  • Personal Qualifications

    The course is open to any interested person who:

    • Is a legal resident of Pennsylvania. (Residents of other states will be considered for admission; however, cost of tuition is increased for out of state residents.)
    • Is a high school graduate with an official transcript from an accredited school or its equivalent (e.g. GED)
    • Is in good health.  Health-related enrollment requirements also apply.  See pre-enrollment/enrollment health policy in the Student Handbook for details.
    • Is of good moral character.
    • Has a sincere interest in learning.
    • Manifests ability to learn as indicated by interview, references and transcripts.