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  • What is a TCHS Student Ambassador?

    Student Ambassadors are outstanding student leaders selected to represent TCHS in their school districts and in our community. Student Ambassadors demonstrate leadership, achievement in academics and their technical skill, and convey the significance of lifelong relationships built at a career and technical school. Ambassadors enjoy engaging with people, are committed to creating awareness about TCHS, and are excited about sharing their experiences with others. They are also positive role models to their peers at TCHS.

  • What do Student Ambassadors do?Student Ambassadors serve as an official representative of TCHS in sending school district and within the community at all times. They will assist with some of the following activities and events:

    Participate in various on-campus events, including:
    A lead student in their program at two (2) or more Open Houses
    A school tour guide at one (1) additional event (such as the Brandywine Car Show, TCHS Take-Out Night or Pennock’s Bridge Community Day)
    Greeter at TCHS Staying Connected Event each year

    Represent TCHS at a sending school, by:
    Updating a TCHS Bulletin Board in their school once per quarter (TCHS will provide new content and all materials)
    Delivering TCHS literature to the school guidance office
    Representing TCHS at Course Selection Nights or In-School Presentations with the TCHS Admissions team, as asked
    Speaking about TCHS on school morning announcements, as asked

    Represent TCHS online by:
    Providing a student testimonial and photograph for the TCHS official website, Facebook page, Twitter feed and Instagram channel
    As asked, recording brief interviews about TCHS and your program

    Assist fellow TCHS students by:
    Acting as a Shadow Guide for visiting students, as asked; Welcoming new students on their first day at TCHS, as asked
    Recruiting one (1) additional Student Ambassador per year Attend “Pizza PD” professional development sessions on three (3) topics per year

  • Interested in Applying?Applicants will be expected to:
    ✔ Write a short essay on why you would make a good TCHS Ambassador and what TCHS means to you

    ✔ Submit a signed photo release form

    ✔ Submit a recommendation from your CTE instructor

    ✔ Submit a recommendation from one sending-school academic instructor

    ✔ A brief interview will be scheduled for all students who qualify, and acceptances will be announced at the end of the year with an induction ceremony at the beginning of the school year.

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