• The Brandywine Virtual Academy (BVA) was formed to provide schools with the resources and flexibility to serve students who wish to learn online. It is managed and operated by the Chester County Intermediate Unit, but the credits align with a student’s assigned school. As such, a student graduating will earn their diploma from their public/private school and not from BVA.

    BVA offers a wide range of computer-based courses that students take over the internet. Students may complete their courses from a school-based classroom, computer lab, home or other location with internet access.

    The courses are developed and taught by locally based, Pennsylvania-certified teachers. In addition, BVA curriculum (unlike national providers) includes and assesses Pennsylvania state standards. Thus, BVA delivers the same high-quality instruction found in neighborhood schools.

    A variety of courses and academic levels are available. Students may work at their own pace as long as they meet deadlines. Short-term, skill-building and remedial coursework is also available. Since communication is integral to student success, BVA teachers are available by phone, in “virtual offices”, by email and within the actual course platforms. Teachers have frequent communication with students, primarily through written digital communication, e.g., email, and messaging within our course platforms (LMSs), and student information system (Genius SIS), and if requested, they will copy local school contacts on any electronic communications.

    For schools, students, or parents looking to supplement course offerings, address scheduling conflicts, or solve home-bound needs through quality instruction, BVA may be your ideal solution.

Brandywine Virtual Academy's Learning Styles

Synchronous Program
Our synchronous program offers live instruction to students in Kindergarten through fifth grade. Our elementary teachers meet with students via Zoom and independent work time facilitated by their Learning Coach (family member, tutor, etc.). The program is designed for daily teacher/student interaction as our BVA teachers instruct all core subjects on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. This creates an added layer of academic support for families.

Asynchronous Program
Our asynchronous program is designed for students in grades K-12 and families who desire more independence and flexibility. Our asynchronous learning style allows our students to customize their schedules and to set a pace that's comfortable for them. Students enrolled in our asynchronous program have access to BVA's PA-certified teaching staff, support and special education staff through office hours and scheduled appointments.

Special Education
Our Special Education program, and special education liaisons, provide direct and indirect support to our students, families, and district partners. Our program regularly communicates and coordinates with local education agencies, parents and students for compliance in an asynchronous program. Our liaisons and BVA staff communicate daily regarding student accommodations and modifications.

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