• Health & Physical Education Courses

    Health Education

    Health education, based on a wellness approach, is an introductory course that enhances awareness of health issues. Drug, alcohol, tobacco and sexuality are the core topics of study. Along with these issues, topics such as nutrition, mental health, stress, personal safety, and overall well-being are discussed throughout this semester-long course. This course satisfies a Pennsylvania Department of Education graduation requirement for a health education course.

    Physical Education

    Physical education is required of all students in order to satisfy state requirements for graduation. The physical education program at the Technical College High School includes: individual and team sports, fitness activities, and a variety of competitive and recreational sports. Units of study may include: touch football, volleyball, basketball, soccer, softball, team handball, ultimate Frisbee, fitness circuits, cardiovascular training and weight training. Students are expected to dress in required attire and to actively participate in a sportsmanship-like manner.

    Note: Additional courses may be provided on-line through the Brandywine Virtual Academy (BVA). Please contact a Technical College High School counselor for more information.