District Member Consortiums

  • Are you looking for ways to enhance your EL, Gifted and/or STEM offerings? Consortiums are the way to go! Not only do you receive significant cost savings over a la carte selections, you also receive customized offerings that speak directly to the goals you are working to reach within your own district.

    Last year our consortium consultants created a variety of courses, events, workshops and trainings tailored to our participating districts' individual interests and needs. In addition to regular consortium services, some unique consortium experiences included:

    • Completing Gifted Paperwork
    • English Learners Reclassification Workshop 
    • Drones 101: Getting Started
    • Full day, on-site training for all new gifted program staff members
    • Gifted education parent session
    • Makerspace support and workshops
    • Robotics and Coding Tools Workshop
    • Co-Teaching/Classroom Model Lessons
    • Two-Day Gifted Boot Camp
    • Career Ready Services


    We look forward to finding the networks, workshops, cutting-edge research and services that work for you!