• Tech Prep and Programs of Study: College prep for technical students

    Tech Prep

    Technical Preparation (Tech Prep) is a nationwide program that is often described as college prep for technical education students. All of our career and technical education programs are Tech Prep approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. These programs require college track academic and technical classes for students who intend to pursue their technical education at the post-secondary level. Tech Prep programs include advanced technical content that is similar to first year college programs. As such, each program has at least one official agreement with a college or post-secondary technical school that rewards student achievement through either advanced credits, advanced placement or reduced fees. Students should ask for a list of Tech Prep college agreements(articulations) at the beginning of their studies at the Technical College High School in order to ensure that all Tech Prep requirements will be met prior to graduation.

    Programs of Study (POS)

    A new nationwide initiative, mandated by federal legislation, has been developed to build on the Tech Prep model and will eventually replace it over the next several years. The new initiative is known as Programs of Study (POS). All our current Tech Prep programs are in the process of making the transition to POS.

    The most significant features of the Programs of Study model are listed below:

    1. Students enrolled in an approved POS may transfer to another technical high school anywhere in Pennsylvania and find the same curriculum.
    2. Students enrolled in the POS program are expected to prepare for both college and the workforce by taking college prep academics.
    3. Students enrolled in a POS may have the opportunity to earn an industry-recognized certification specific to their major.
    4. Upon the successful completion of the required academics and technical competencies earned at the Technical College High School, POS students may qualify for several free credits in their major at participating colleges across Pennsylvania.

    Students interested in the POS program are encouraged to ask whether their chosen program is POS approved. All Tech Prep articulation agreements already in place will continue to be available to students during the transition to POS. Both Tech Prep and Programs of Study pathways provide excellent opportunities for students pursuing a career and technical education at the Technical College High School and beyond.

    For more information, please contact the Post-Secondary Coordinator, Jane Fraschilla at (610) 247-2485.

    SOAR (Students Occupationally and Academically Ready)

    SOAR (Students Occupationally & Academically Ready) is the Bureau of Career and Technical Education's (BCTE) career and technical education plan that articulates the secondary career and technical programs to the post secondary degree programs. Programs of study include coherent, rigorous and relevant career and technical content aligned with challenging academic standards. These career and technical programs of study also include a statewide articulation partnership between secondary schools and post secondary institutions.

    The mission of SOAR is to prepare students for college and careers in a diverse, high-performing workforce.

    BCTE introduces a new feature called the SOAR Programs Transfer Center, a credit and transfer portal now available on our website. By using the SOAR Programs Transfer Center, students can explore the pathway to SOAR programs and the post secondary institutions that offer advanced credit opportunities that are most relevant to them.