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CNC Machinist is a link to the current posting on their website. Please note - I am presently interviewing to become their recruiter and have been tasked with setting up an action plan for recruiting efforts. I would like to discuss co-op and employment opportunities and gauge an idea of how students you have available from the program.
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Acero Precision
Erin or cell 484-288-0816

Posted: 12/17/2020

-service technician for Philadelphia and surrounding suburbs

-service technician for Philadelphia and surrounding suburbs
Do you have to be over age 18 to apply? Yes

Brigette F. SpinnerArea Sales

Posted: 01/05/2020

Lay Up Technician

Leading Edge Composites, located in the Highlands Corporate Park in Coatesville, is a full service, fully integrated design, engineering and manufacturing firm specializing in Aviation, Aerospace and Defense. For over 20 years, Leading Edge Composites has been at the forefront of composite part development and manufacturing, supplying lightweight, state of the art parts for aircraft manufacturers, military research and other structural applications. Leading Edge Composites
Do you have to be over age 18 to apply? Yes

Leading Edge Composites

Posted: 01/06/2021

Cooperative Education Program

  • The Cooperative Education program is designed to provide seniors and selected juniors with the opportunity to bridge the gap between education and employment while remaining a student. The program combines classroom instruction with on-the-job training. By integrating classroom study and supervised, practical work experience, students obtain the best of both worlds as they learn by applying skills they mastered in the classroom. The Cooperative Education program is available in any occupational program to qualifying students who have demonstrated good attendance, obtained good grades and have their teacher’s recommendation. The objectives of the Co-op Program are to connect classroom learning with work-based learning experiences, prepare students for the move from classroom to work site, support supervised on-the-job training, and help students make career decisions


    An employer often offers successful co-op students the opportunity to further their education.


    The time spent working for a co-op employer allows the employer to train the student for the company’s specific needs. The employer also has the chance to evaluate the student’s future with the company. Many co-op students continue working for their co-op employers after graduation.


    Reliable, prompt, willing to listen and learn, team worker, safe worker, organized.


For More Information

  • Email Lew Gordner, Cooperative Education Instructor
  • (484) 593-5100 ext. 8225
  • (610) 933-8877 ext.4249