• About Our School

    The Chester County Technical College High School (TCHS) is a public high school specializing in career and technical education for students in grades 9-12. Our programs prepare students for success in college, the workplace and life. All of our career and technical programs are aligned to both Pennsylvania State Standards and national industry certifications. 
    Upon successful completion of a career and technical education course of study, students receive a profile of the standards they have studied and mastered. In addition, a competency certificate is issued to each graduate that lists the number of skills mastered and the level of proficiency in each skill.   
    The Technical College High School is operated by the Chester County Intermediate Unit on behalf of Chester County's 12 public school districts. 

    Exceed Your Dreams with Career & Technical Education

    The Technical College High School specializes in providing high school students with the technical training and academic preparation to be successful in college, the workplace and life.

    There are many reasons to choose a career and technical education, including:
    • Developing the technical skills critical to obtaining a successful and rewarding career
    • Higher earnings and greater job opportunities than unskilled workers
    • Training in the highest-paid and most sought after careers
    • Head start on college through dual-enrollment programs
    • Work experience and on-the-job training through cooperative education and school-to-career programs

    Half-Day Career and Technical Education Programs

    The Technical College High School offers students a half-day program, whereby, they receive their career and
    technical education at the Pickering Campus and their academic instruction at their sending district’s high school.
    Students may enroll in either a morning or afternoon session for their selected course of study (unless otherwise
    indicated in the course description). Graduates receive their high school diploma from their sending school district
    and a standards certificate from the Technical College High School.

    Mission Statement

    The mission of the Technical College High School, a partner for economic and workforce development, is to engage students in the academic and technical preparation necessary to continue their education, launch their careers and become lifelong learners. 

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