Healthcare & Human Services

Allied Health student taking another student's blood pressure
Cosmetology student blow drying another student's hair
Four Criminal Justice and Police Sciences students reviewing a security tape
Early Childhood Care & Education student standing next to three young students and smiling
Health Career Pathways student listening to her patient's heartbeat
Teacher Leadership Academy student standing in front of a class and pointing to a letter on a piece of paper

Community Health - Allied Health

  • Community Health - Allied Health is a community-based program that allows students to explore health issues through hands-on experiences that have a positive impact in the community.


  • Students can earn the required hours for state licensure as a cosmetologist, nail technician, esthetician or natural hair braider.

Criminal Justice & Police Sciences

  • This program prepares students for post-secondary education, military careers and employment in protective services.

Early Childhood Care & Education

  • Being good with kids can turn into a career in the Early Childhood Care & Education program, which prepares students to earn their Child Development Associate (CDA) national credential.

Health Career Pathways

  • Students who are interested in helping others and being a part of a field with a lot of opportunities for growth are encouraged to enroll in the Health Career Pathways program.

Teacher Leadership Academy

  • Students who are interested in becoming a teacher or pursuing a career in education would be a great fit for this program.