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CCIU Open Records Statement

  • Pennsylvania Right to Know and Open Records Laws (Act 3 of 2008)

    On January 1, 2009, Act 3 (also known as the Open Records amendment to the Pennsylvania Right to Know Law) will take effect at all local and state agencies in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, including school districts and intermediate units.

    Act 3 expands the definition of “public record,” making all records public - both electronic and hard copy - with 30 listed exemptions (such as records dealing with building security, personal safety, medical records, confidential personnel records and criminal investigations).

    Act 3 requires Chester County Intermediate Unit to designate an official Open Records Officer to accept written requests from the public and to ensure compliance with timelines and the law. CCIU has appointed the following employee for that purpose:

    Janice L. Heagy, Board Secretary/Open Records Officer
    Chester County Intermediate Unit
    455 Boot Road, Downingtown, PA 19335
    Telephone: 484-237-5010
    FAX: 484-237-5066
    E-Mail the Open Records Officer

CCIU Board Policies

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  • Open Records Request Form