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    The 2017-18 School Year:
    Note: This document was current at the time of posting. For the most up-to-date list of courses, please browse the online catalog in Genius, our online enrollment system.
    BVA 2017-2018 Student Handbook Coming soon!
    This document provides comprehensive information to orient students to BVA's policies, provide key support resources, and offer best practices for online success.
    Key Dates to Remember:

    August 28: First Student Day

    November 2: End of 1st Quarter

    December 22-January 1: Winter Break

    January 19: End of 2nd Quarter / First Semester

    March 28: End of 3rd Quarter

    March 29-31: Spring Break

    June 6: End of 4th Quarter / All Classes Close

    June 7: Last Student Day

    Enroll Students Online in Genius SIS: http://bva.geniussis.com
    Course enrollment is done through our online student information system, Genius. Your account credentials will have been provided to you by your student support liaison. If you need assistance accessing Genius, contact Jill Eible, Registrar, at info@bvapa.org.
    Course enrollment is done through our online student information system, Genius. This guide for district partners will provide a tour of Genius and its features.
    Minimum technology required for your school's or students' laptops to fully experience BVA courseware.
    If you're using BVA computers, all software is pre-installed. If you're using your own computers, use this guide to help you install the programs you need.
    About BVA:
    Share this piece with parents as they discuss your district's online learning options with you.
    Establish student expectations by helping them envision life as an online learner.



  • Know the Team

    Academic Teachers (* denotes Department Chair)

    English: Ms. Theresa Murphy*, Mrs. Gabrielle Novia-Valle, Mrs. Tracy Boswell, Mrs. Laura Harris

    Math: Mrs. Lorraine Harmer*, Mrs. Lisa Miller, Mrs. Kathy Houghton, Mrs. Suzanne Lezoche

    Social Studies: Mr. Andrew Wagner*, Mr. Mike Stanley, Mr. Bryant Aragona, Mr. Joe Bonnette

    Science: Mrs. Jackie Brodsky*, Mr. Mark Miller, Mr. Bryan Narwich, Mr. Bryan Horvat

    Health/PE and Spanish: Mr. Lee Snyder*, Mrs. Diana Kowalski, Mrs. Nikki Bonaduce-Davis, Ms. Jackie Maxwell

    Electives: Mr. David Tschachler*

    Read full staff bios >

    Student Support:

    BVA Student Liaison: Kathy Gurnee

    BVA Teaching Support Assistants: Ladé Coker, Karen Marasco, Jackie Mooney and Sasha Glincosky

    Philadelphia Virtual Academy Student Liaisons: Nadira Presley and Tamara Evans

    Philadelphia Virtual Academy Teaching Support Assistants: Osemen Omo-Osagie, Denae Drummund and Niteesha Sminkey