• As we all work together to continue keeping our students, staff and community safe during these unprecedented times, the CCIU will share relevant links and resources to support our districts.

Online Learning FAQs

  • Is it legal for teachers to videoconference directly with students, even if they are in their own home?

  • Should videoconferences be recorded?

  • Is it a FERPA violation for Parents to see the other students in a special education class or group?

  • Does videoconferencing have to be accessible for individuals with disabilities?

  • Can we use copyrighted materials in a video conference session an on a shared screen or does this violate the copyright?

  • Is it legal for a teacher to take a screenshot or photo of students engaged in online learning and to post it to social media?

  • What if a parent takes a screenshot or photo of students engaged in a video conference and it includes students who have declined the media release?

  • What if a student curses or shows inappropriate material to the video conference? Can the teacher mute the student and/or kick him/her out of the conference?

  • Can we required that students wear appropriate attire for videoconferences?

  • Zoom’s terms of use state that users must be of legal age to consent to the use of the service. Does this mean that we can’t use Zoom with minors?

  • We have heard that Zoom video conferences are not private, and that random people can join a conference. Is that true?

  • What if someone joins a conference and they are not supposed to be in a conference, or someone who is supposed to be there is being disruptive. Can I remove a participant?

  • We have heard horror stories about video conferences where the host controls are hijacked and taken over by someone other the person who is supposed to be in charge. Can that be prevented?

  • Zoom has a chat feature. Should we be concerned about that?

District FAQs

  • Can I access building facilities, including outdoor grounds and facilities?

  • Where can I find more information?

  • How can support be accessed for those in crisis?