Summer Courses

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    BVA is pleased to offer a flexible, interactive online course experience tailored to the needs of each student. A program of the Chester County Intermediate Unit, BVA provides students access to a variety of the top national online course providers with an unmatched level of personalized attention and support. Students are able to navigate through the online courses at their own pace, working toward given task deadlines. BVA teachers and teacher assistants are available to help guide students through the course content and provide individualized support when needed. Students not only grow in knowledge, but also learn to advocate for themselves and their own learning.

  • We offer three summer sessions as listed below. Please click on the appropriate tab to view a session.

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Driver's Ed

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Jump Start for 6-12 (4/15-7/25)

  • April 15-July 25

    This 14-week session offers the earliest chance to begin studying. Consider taking a course you can’t fit into your schedule next year or try an honors version!


    • One credit: $916
    • Half credit: $506

Credit Recovery for 6-12 (5/20-7/25)

  • May 20 - July 25

    Unsatisfied with a final grade from this past year? A nine-week Credit Recovery version can help keep you on track for next year. Test out of sections you have already mastered.


    • One credit: $288
    • Half credit: $159

True Summer for 6-12 (5/20-7/25)

  • May 20 - July 25

    Accomplish a summer class in a condensed, nine-week timeframe. Multiple honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses are offered.


    • One credit: $685
    • Half credit: $377