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    PA Department of Labor High Priority Occupation!
    This program is a great fit for students with a passion for animals and a desire to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. Students are prepared through hands-on experiences and instruction to work in a wide variety of careers within veterinary medicine, including kennel worker, veterinary assistant, veterinary technician and veterinarian. Through this program, students are prepared to be successful in their post-secondary pursuits as well as entering directly into the workforce
    Sample Career Skills
    • Review proper animal handling, restraint and husbandry techniques, such as: removing animals from a cage, gender ID, feeding, watering and cleaning various animals
    • Learn basic grooming techniques, such as: brushing and combing, bathing, cleaning ears, trimming nails and brushing teeth
    • Learn how to properly take animal history and report chief complaints
    • Calculate dosage and administer medications orally and via ears and eyes
    • Review surgical assisting processes for patients, surgeon prep, instruments and bandaging techniques
    • Learn about lab skills to analyze urine, feces and blood


Female TCHS student holds a small black and brown dog and smiles camera.
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    CareerSafe OSHA-10 General Industry (healthcare)
    Fear Free Certified Professional
    FEMA Animals in Disasters Certificate
    --Awareness & Preparedness
    --Community Planning
    FEMA Livestock in Disasters Certificate
    Purina Daily Nutrition Matters Nutrition 101, 201, 301 Certificate
    Earn up to 3 college credits.
    Click here for more information on opportunities to earn college credit.
    Some notable partners include: the Animal Hospital of Chester County, Equine Veterinary Services, Animal Resorts and more!