• November's Buzz

    Posted by Haley Taylor on 11/18/2021

    A Message of Gratitude from Dr. Mark Slider, Your BVA Supervisor of Online Learning 

    I keep a pumpkin on my desk that says, "Give Thanks" and I keep a saying on my office wall that says, "Simply Blessed."

    These items in my office are so much more than decor. They speak to who I am and what I believe in every day. We all have our moments, and when I am having one of my "moments," it is great to look at these two reminders in my workspace. It is hard to stay in a negative state of mind when we focus on what we are grateful for and for all the blessings we have in our lives. Being reflecting on what we have shifts the focus away from what we do not have or wish we had.

    As a child, I grew up very poor and we did not have much at all. Life was very difficult. It was not uncommon to have our electric shut off, or our phone service disconnected, etc. Life was filled with many challenges, and yet, my parents always reminded me of the things I have and what I should be grateful for. These challenges in life created and cultivated a strong resilience and positivity within me, and it was those experiences that shaped me into who I am today.

    Having an attitude of gratitude, being positive and filled with joy, is not based upon momentary circumstances. It is based upon a mindset and a focus on what we have and what possibilities exist rather than focusing on the challenges we all face. We are all in the process of becoming a better version of ourselves and no one has it all together, no matter how wonderful one's life may appear. We are all on this journey of life together.

    I encourage you, especially as we enter this holiday season, to focus on the blessings and to give thanks for all we have. We are growing, we are becoming and we are learning! For all these opportunities, we should give thanks!

    On behalf of all my colleagues here at BVA, may you and your loved ones be blessed with a warm and wonderful holiday season!

    RaiseMe Club

    RaiseMe helps students in grades 9 - 12 to discover colleges and earn scholarships for their academic and extracurricular activities! Students can use the platform to build portfolios of their achievements and begin earning micro-scholarships! Check out more information on RaiseMe Club and join us for our next monthly meeting.

    Wednesday, November 17: Education Support Professionals Day

    American Education Week happens the week prior to the week of Thanksgiving. Each day of the week has its own theme, during which we celebrate our school community.

    Education Support Professionals Day was first celebrated in 1987 after NEA’s Representative Assembly called on the organization to honor the contributions of all school support staff. National ESP Day is observed on Wednesday of American Education Week.

    We've seen ESPs go well beyond anything we have seen before as they work to meet the needs of our school communities, in the midst of a pandemic. Help us to honor and advocate for the ESPs who continue keeping students safe, healthy, and ready to learn by letting us know how they have helped you!

    By: National Education Association

    CHOLA Logo

    "The Citadel Heart of Learning Award is one of our longest-standing initiatives. We started the program 20 years ago in partnership with the Chester County Intermediate Unit (CCIU), to recognize local teachers who show dedication in and outside of the classroom." Nominate a teacher today! 

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  • October's Buzz

    Posted by Haley Taylor on 10/20/2021

    A Note from the Supervisor of Online Learning 

    It is hard to believe that it is October already! I hope that each of you are enjoying your experience with Brandywine Virtual Academy! Remember, you are never alone in the journey of online learning. Please contact your Teacher and/or Teaching Assistant with any questions that you have, we're here to support you! 

    Mr. Chip Harper

    Looking for something? Check out the links below for parent and student resources! 

    For parents

    For students

    BVA/PVA virtual office link


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  • September's Buzz

    Posted by Haley Taylor on 9/15/2021 1:00:00 PM

    Thanks to BVA's Teaching Assistants for all Their Hard Work!

    Abigail Cellars 

    “She has provided many opportunities for me to get extra help with work; as well as providing me schedules so that I stay on track with my school work!” ~Mathea Dunn

    “Ms. Cellars has consistently pushed me to get my work done. She encourages me and listens to me when I need support, she goes above and beyond to support me and keep me on task. She also has nominated me for a scholarship that I would have never expected, she truly sees the good in her students and does the most to help them succeed. I really can’t express how grateful I am for Ms. Cellars and how much she’s done for me In terms of both my mental well-being and my academic career! ~Violet Noecker 

    “She helped me with tech issues and with attendance issues!”  ~Christopher Doherty

    "Ms. Abby has made me feel really important and that I can do anything. She really made me feel special with all her kind words and check-ins. ” ~Dylan Butler

    Aubrey Stokes

    “She was great this year with a lot of help. Much better than the school could've done” 
    ~Aaron Colella 

    “She was there if I needed help” ~Wyatt Davenport

    Candice Amory

    “Always supporting my virtual learning!” ~Noori Choudhary

    “She is the best!” ~Tymire Hollman

    “She has been very encouraging this year!” ~Elle McDonald 

    Lisa Compher

    “She has got me in contact with the right people or those I didn't have the contact information for!” ~Madyson Burkhart

    “My Teaching Assistant has been very encouraging this school year!” ~Ayanna Lanoix

    "She has always told me how great I'm doing and has always motivated when I don't feel motivated. Mrs. Compher has made me feel at home in the virtual academy and I truly feel that she is amazing." ~Taylor McCoy

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