• Marketing & Financial Services 

    PA Department of Labor High Priority Occupation!
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    This program is an excellent fit for students who are interested in careers in marketing, financial services, social media and sales. Students planning on continuing their education are thoroughly prepared for post-secondary studies in business administration, marketing, finance and more. Students who want to own their own business will gain the crucial skills necessary to be successful. Emphasis is put on effective public speaking, because the ability to communicate ideas persuasively and effectively is a skill that is necessary to be successful in virtually any career.
    Sample Career Skills
    • Learn how to manage your finances in order to budget, calculate gross pay, credit cards, student loans and write checks
    • Begin a career portfolio and develop public speaking skills
    • Learn about social media marketing through classwork and hands-on experience
    • Gain a better understanding of marketing and advertising fundamentals
    • Develop the skills necessary to build your own business plan
    • Gain hands-on experience through a co-op, internship or job placement with a real world employer


  • Certifications (3) 

    A*S*K Certification
    Career Safe
    Pennsylvania Skills Certificate

    College Credits (3)   

    Earn up to 3 credits.

    Workplace Opportunities (12) 

    Some notable partners include: Happy Turtle Marketing, the Chester County Economic Development Council, Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union, Citadel Federal Credit Union, Harcum College and more 
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