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    PA Department of Labor High Priority Occupation!
    The Marketing & Financial Services program prepares students for a wide variety of career opportunities in the marketing and financial services industries. Students develop skills to own and operate a business, work in advertising, marketing, promotions, public relations and sales.
    Program Concentrations:
    • Advertising
    • Banking operations
    • Communications
    • Marketing
    • Sales and sales supervision 
    Career Options:
    You can become a manager in sales, public relations, advertising and promotion.
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    A*S*K Certification
    Pennsylvania Skills Certificate
    Open Dual Enrollment Credits
    Delaware County Community College
    Concurrent Dual Enrollment Credits
    Delaware County Community College
    Pennsylvania College of Technology
    SOAR Credits
    Commonwealth Technical Institute 
    Harcum College
    Montgomery County Community College
    1:1 Articulation Credits
    Harcum College
    St. Francis University
    Click here for more information on opportunities to earn college credit.
    Upperclassmen may be hired at local companies, such as Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union and PennDOT STEP. Co-ops allow students to work during their school day, earn real-world experience and build their resumes.
    The Department of Education provides a CIP Code to approved Programs of Study (POS).  Schools and postsecondary institutions use the CIP code to categorize the POS, outline the scope and sequence of educational offerings and develop a POS task list. Review the task list.