Innovative Educational Resources

  • Online, school, and classroom resources for K12 Educators

    We offer a variety of educational programs and resources that allow teachers the opportunity to enhance their educational toolbox. 

    Please visit programs and services for educators via the links on the left.

    We are available via phone, email, form submission or connect with Hannah for a Zoom consultation. 

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Teacher Center Allowance

  • Monthly Daily Allowance All CCIU Staff and Chester County Public School District Staff have a $10.00 spending allowance for Teacher Center Services each month. You can use this $10.00 allowance for any Teacher Center services each month. Any service beyond the $10.00 monthly allowance would be billed to your school/program if you have permission to bill back to your school/program.


  • Connect with us Teacher Center Service orders can be dropped off and picked up at ESC, Boot Road, Downingtown. Teacher Center staff is available to meet in person at ESC or virtually via Zoom by appointment. To schedule an appointment email us at