• Cosmetology

    PA Department of Labor High Priority Occupation!
    The fashion-driven cosmetology field offers many opportunities for those who enjoy creativity and personal interaction with clients. Students who are motivated and passionate about fashion can earn the required hours for state licensure as a cosmetologist, nail technician, esthetician or natural hair braider.
    Sample Career Skills
    • Learn about hair styling, shampooing/ conditioning, blow drying and wet styling
    • Be introduced to skin care, nail care, basic makeup applications and nail art design
    • Develop haircutting and hair coloring skills through hands-on practice and application
    • Learn about chemical texture services, such as permanent waving and hair straightening
    • Gain additional experience practicing hair styling and nail enhancements with actual clients
    • Build a professional portfolio that includes a career plan
    • Demonstrate skills to successfully pass the Pennsylvania State Licensing Exam
  • Certifications (7)

    Esthetician License
    Nail Technician License
    Natural Hair Braider License
    OSHA 10 CareerSafe
    Pennsylvania Skills Certificate/NOCTI
    Pennsylvania State Board of Cosmetology License
    SP2 (Safety and Pollution)

    College Credits (3)  

    Earn up to 3 college credit.

    Workplace Opportunities (7) 

    Some notable partners include: Gemini Hair Design Studio, Escape Salon, Hair Cuttery and more!
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