• Culinary Arts

    PA Department of Labor High Priority Occupation!
    This program prepares creative students with a passion for food and customer service to be career or college ready. Students gain hands-on experience in the kitchen through a weekly skill stations rotation. Students also have the opportunity to run a restaurant that is open to the public and prepare for catering events throughout the school year.
    Sample Career Skills
    • Be introduced to safety and sanitation, tools and equipment, recipes and measurements
    • Learn how to create stocks, soups and sauces, Mise en Place skills and breakfast cookery
    • Examine nutrition basics, such as: dietary guidelines, understanding food labels, food allergies and dietary restrictions
    • Receive training and practice in “front of the house” skills
    • Participate in catering activities for internal and external groups
    • Plan a menu that includes incorporating custom requests, multi-course menu development and costing out a full menu Build a professional portfolio that includes a career plan
    • Demonstrate the ability to create meat, poultry and seafood dishes


  • Certifications (5)

    Career Safe OSHA 10

    Pennsylvania Skills Certificate

    Serv-Safe Certificate (NRA)

    Serv-Safe Food Handler (NRA)

    Serv-Safe Manager (NRA)


    College Credits (6)

    Earn up to 6 college credits.

    Workplace Opportunities (19) 

    Some notable partners include: Aramark - West Chester University, Wegmans Food Markets, Savona Restaurant, Victory Brewing Company and more!
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