• School-to-Career Transition Program

    The School-to-Career Transition program prepares students with high-tech skills for high-wage careers and for post-secondary education and training. The program has three distinguishing components: a school-based component, work-based component and a special, connecting-activities component.

    This is a full-day program for 11th and 12th grade students.
    • Eleventh grade students enrolled in the program spend three days a week at school and two days a week at the workplace.
    • In 11th grade, students spend half of each school day in required academic subjects (English, math, science and social studies) and the remainder of the day in their occupational programs. The other two days, students spend the entire day at a work site, learning on the job and earning wages.
    • In 12th grade, students' work and school schedules may be reversed with students spending three days at a work site and two days at school.
    • Students are expected to continue their work-based learning during their summer vacation.
    The School-to-Career Transition program is open to qualifying 11th and 12th grade students. To qualify and remain in the program, students must have satisfactory grades and attendance; must be recommended by teachers and administrators; must be hired or be in the process of being hired as an apprentice by an employer; and must complete a program contract.

    For more information on the School-to-Career Transition program, contact your high school guidance counselor or call the Center for Arts & Technology Brandywine Campus at 610-384-1585 and ask to speak to a guidance counselor.