• Tech Prep & Articulation Agreements

    Tech Prep programs prepare students for successful futures and may provide college credit for high school course work.

    The Technical College High School is participating in the Pennsylvania Department of Education initiative called Programs of Study (POS). Programs of Study build on the foundation of Tech Prep pathways, with the addition of statewide core competencies and statewide articulation.

    POS career and technical education programs are designed to provide the rigorous training required for today’s high skill workforce. Career-focused technical skills can help with job advancement, job security, and job portability for current or emerging occupational opportunities (high priority occupations).

    Students at the Technical College High School participate in high quality training based on the current needs of business and industry. The skills taught include the integration of academic concepts with technical competencies, providing the linkage from conceptual learning to contextual learning.

    The key to graduating from high school “college ready” is based on a strong college prep academic foundation in high school including a math sequence that will reach Algebra II by junior year as required by POS.

    The POS initiative also includes statewide articulations. Students who are following the college prep academic track, who complete the career and technical program competencies of an approved POS, and end of program assessment successfully may enjoy advanced placement at postsecondary institutions across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

    Many career and technical programs at the Technical College High School have additional articulation agreements with postsecondary institutions. These agreements are specific to each postsecondary institution and may provide for advanced placement based on the competencies or industry standard certifications mastered at TCHS.

    All students should be planning for their future career pathway by researching the required skills, education, projected job openings,working conditions, and starting salaries.

    The following Web sites are resources for this career related research.

    The Center for Workforce Information & Analysis - Pennsylvania Workforce Statistics

    Bureau of Labor Statistics - Occupational Outlook Handbook

    For more information, please e-mail Jane Fraschilla, post-secondary coordinator, or call 610-247-2485.

    Why Tech Prep?

    • It is expected that 80% of jobs through 2020 will require at least two years of post-secondary training/education.
    • Most existing jobs do not and most future jobs will not require a four-year college degree.
    • Tech Prep helps students prepare for high-skill, high-wage, and high-demand jobs. These are referred to as gold collar jobs.

    Tech Prep Programs

    • Include planned academic and technical courses of study.
    • Focus on preparing students to transition seamlessly to post-secondary education.
    • Promote post-secondary education so Tech Prep students graduate with in-demand technical and marketable skills.

    Are You a Tech Prep Student?

    • Tech Prep students commit to:
    • Focusing on a career objective.
    • Completing higher level academic and technical courses.
    • Continuing their education via a post-secondary program such as an associate's degree, apprenticeship, industry certification, etc.

    Articulation Agreements

    • Agreements are established between TCHS and post-secondary institutions, including community colleges and technical schools.
    • Agreements provide eligible TCHS graduates opportunities to earn advanced college credits for technical course work mastered at TCHS.
    • By obtaining advanced credits, Tech Prep students avoid duplicating course work and may save on tuition costs.
    • Agreements may also provide other incentives for eligible TCHS Tech Prep graduates.

    For more information, please e-mail Jane Fraschilla, post-secondary coordinator, or call 610-247-2485.