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  • The Chester County Intermediate Units (CCIU) Speaker Bureau is a growing database of CCIU professionals within the education field who are interested in sharing their passions with you. This database allows you to choose from several areas of expertise that best fit your needs for your upcoming event or meeting. 


    Our database serves as a tool for the community, families, local legislators and community partners to help enhance what the CCIU does and highlights some of the programs and services the CCIU has to offer. Each of the staff members listed below are experts in their field and have spoken at local, regional and national levels. 


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Meet Our Experts

Mary Jeanne Curley

Director of Communications and Learning Solutions

Presentation Topics: Communications, crisis communications public relations, legislative services, etc.

Mary Jeanne Curley began her career with the CCIU in 1986 and currently serves as the Director of Communications and Learning Solutions, overseeing the Communications department and the Brandywine Virtual Academy. She earned her bachelor’s degree from St. Joseph’s University and her master’s degree in communication and leadership from West Chester University. Mary also serves as Executive Director of the Pennsylvania School Public Relations Association.

Melissa Smith

Assistant Director, Communications & Learning Solutions

Presentation Topics: Marketing, personal branding

Melissa Smith is an impactful, creative marketing professional with over 20 years of experience spanning industries such as manufacturing, finance, pharmaceutical and education. She thrives on developing brand positioning, messaging and delivering upon the goals and objectives of those with whom she works. The experience gained from her more than 12 years in the advertising agency environment has transitioned well into driving branding and strategic marketing in the educational space.

Demetrius Roberts

Administrator on Assignment/Director of STEM & Online Learning

Presentation Topics: STEM & Career Readiness, Equity for All

Demetrius Roberts is an experienced educator, instructional innovator and empowering leader. He has his doctorate in instructional technology and distance education and is driven by his passion for helping all learners. He takes pride in creating equitable learning opportunities for all. Dr. Roberts has served as the Director of STEM and Educational Technology for the CCIU and is currently serving as a Special Consultant to the Department of Education for STEM and Computer Science.

Brian McGinley

TaC Staff PA Licensed Social Worker and School Counselor

Presentation Topics: Mental health, trauma and students: practical approaches to working with students

Brian McGinley is a Licensed Social Worker and PA School Counselor with 40 years of experience in mental health, Drug and alcohol and education. He has extensive experience in treating mental health and drug and alcohol issues has blended this into his work at CCIU. His responsibilities include training and presentation at the state and regional levels. Brian is also an adjunct professor in the Counselor Education department at West Chester University’s Graduate School.

Joseph Lubitsky

Director of Administrative Services

Presentation Topics: School finance, school construction and capital projects, healthcare and benefits administration, facilities management, transportation, school district operations

Joseph Lubitsky is the Director of Administrative Services and is responsible for the management of the business, finance, food services, facilities management and support operations for the CCIU. He established self-insurance financial structures for employee benefits that have resulted in significant savings, and he has improved financial reporting, projection models and information formats. He provides consulting services to school districts in the areas of business operations and security.

Bryan Ruzenski

Director of External Technology Services

Presentation Topics: Leading change in educational organizations by understanding and overcoming resistors

Bryan Ruzenski has worked in K-12 Technology for over 20 years. He has led several complete overhauls of school technology infrastructures and has been part of teams that implemented many new instructional technologies. Bryan earned his bachelor's degree in information sciences and technology from Penn State University and a master's degree in organizational leadership from Alvernia University.

Stacey McCreary

Manager of Data Governance

Presentation Topics: PIMS, Child Accounting

Stacey McCreary is a recognized Personal Information Management System (PIMS)/Child Accounting subject matter expert with over 20 years of experience with state and federal reporting. In her role at CCIU, McCreary assists local education agencies with PIMS training and support. She also provides training on PowerSchool and eSchoolPLUS student information systems. Stacey received her graduate certificate in education assessment, evaluation and data literacy from George Mason University.

Mamta Kochhar

Foreign Language Interpreter, Assistant Educator & Substitute Instructor

Presentation Topics: Social Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Mamta Kochhar is heavily invested in inclusion and has been an adjunct professor for professional development, undergraduate and graduate courses. Mamta has a master’s degree in art history, a bachelor’s degree in fine arts and a bachelor’s degree in education. She also has Pennsylvania Department of Education certifications and endorsements in art, gifted education, social-emotional learning and behavioral wellness.