Elementary Education

Providing Online learning styles that best fit your child's needs

  • Brandywine Virtual Academy (BVA) could be your child’s personal solution. BVA supports students in grades K-12 and offers a wide range of computer-based courses that students take online. BVA was created to provide schools with the resources and flexibility to serve students who wish to learn online. Our comprehensive program combines the personal attention and local perspective of your local school district with the content, tools and services available from a variety of the top national online providers, allowing students to stay in the district while offering an array of learning opportunities.

    At BVA, our elementary program is structured to serve our youngest learners from kindergarten through fifth grade. We offer an asynchronous program as well as our synchronous program to meet the varying needs of students and families. 


Elementary Learning Styles

Synchronous Program
Our synchronous program offers live instruction for our K-5 students. Students meet virtually with our PA-certified elementary teachers through Zoom and independent work time facilitated by their Learning Coach (family member, tutor, etc.). This program is designed for students who require teacher-to-student interaction. Our BVA teachers instruct all core subjects on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, giving your child a day to work independently on their coursework.

Asynchronous Program
Our asynchronous program is designed for families and students who desire more independence and flexibility. Our asynchronous learning style allows our students to customize their schedules and to set a pace most comfortable for their learning style. Students enrolled in our asynchronous program have access to BVA's PA-certified teaching staff, support and special education staff, and, online access to our database of tools and resources to ensure that your child is always prepared for success.