Practical Nursing Program

Practical Nursing Program

Mission Statement

To provide a quality, innovative, cost-effective and student-focused curriculum to a diverse population, preparing graduates to practice as competent licensed practical nurses.



·      Customer Service

o   We are committed to exceeding customers’ expectations.

·      Partnership

o   We collaborate with partners to assure a seamless career pathway of life-long learning and a robust, diverse nursing workforce.

·      Innovation

o   We promote change to meet evolving needs and foster innovation.

·      Leadership

o   We embrace a leadership role in assuring quality holistic nursing education and in cultivating interaction with community partners.

·      Advocacy

o   We serve as an advocate for our students, nursing education and practical nursing at large.

·      Professional Commitment

o   We maintain the highest standards of conduct.

·      Organizational Culture

o   We provide an environment that encourages flexibility, teamwork, mutual respect, creativity, professional growth, high morale, opportunity and pride in all we do.



·      Grow PNP to help meet the practical nursing workforce demand in Chester and neighboring counties.

·      Ensure that the PNP remains competitive, cost-effective and high quality.

o   Maintain ACEN accreditation

o   Maintain NCLEX-PN first-time test-taker pass rates that exceed the state average

o   Maintain graduate and employer high approval of outcomes

o   Continually review curriculum to support seamless career pathways (LPN to RN, including BSN) and position the graduate LPN to excel in evolving health care market

o   Maintain tuition increase not to exceed 4% while increasing enrollment and maintaining a high quality program

o   Cultivate leadership/advocacy role for PN education and LPNs and emerge as a leader in nursing education at large

o   Partner to obtain highly competitive grants targeting larger institutions