Welcome to the Nurse's Office
    Gina Miller, RN
    Health Room Nurse
    TCHS Brandywine
    484-593-5100 x8154
         "To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear."
    A healthy body makes for a ready learner! So please, keep us informed about any and all medical issues. The Health Room Nurse at TCHS needs to know about medications, new and existing, and changes in medical care. Medical forms (available below) should be submitted to the school nurse upon admission or as soon as your student returns to school. 
    All medications need to be administered through the nurse's office. Prescription medications must come in the original bottle and be accompanied by the doctor's script and a plan of care. Any medications left behind at the end of the school year will be disposed.
    At TCHS Brandywine, we are dedicated to keeping our students and staff healthy! If your son or daughter has a fever, please don't send him or her to school. 

    Available Forms:
    Helpful links for parents:
    If you have any further health questions, please consult the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's website. Click here to access the CDC's website