• Consortiums

    Are you looking for ways to enhance your EL, Gifted and/or STEM offerings? Consortiums are the way to go! Not only do you receive significant cost savings over a la carte selections, you also receive customized offerings that speak directly to the goals you are working to reach within your own district.

    Last year our consortium consultants created a variety of a courses, events, workshops and trainings tailored to our participating districts' individual interests and needs. In addition to regular consortium services, some unique consortium experiences included:

    • Completing Gifted Paperwork
    • English Learners Reclassification Workshop 
    • Drones 101: Getting Started
    • Full day, on-site training for all new gifted program staff members
    • Gifted education parent session
    • Makerspace support and workshops
    • Robotics and Coding Tools Workshop
    • Co-Teaching/Classroom Model Lessons
    • Two-Day Gifted Boot Camp
    • Career Ready Services

    We look forward to finding the networks, workshops, cutting-edge research and services that work for you! 


  • As we are still in the process of updating our online purchasing platform to reflect this year's exciting consortium services and customized process, we ask that you please reach out to our consultants below to discuss how the CCIU Consortiums can help you meet your goals! 

    If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact:
    EL: Michelle Williams | MichelleWi@cciu.org | 484-237-5094 or Ann Appolloni | AnnA@cciu.org
    Gifted: Dr. Patricia Binkley, Ed.D | Patriciab@cciu.org | 484-237-5336
    STEM: Dr. Patricia Binkley, Ed.D | Patriciab@cciu.org | 484-237-5336 

    Once our online platform is complete all those participating in the consortiums will receive an email inviting you to experience the consortium dashboard. Those who have not already chosen a consortium package will be able to chose their custom options online. 

  • EL Consortium

  • Gifted Consortium


  • STEM Consortium