• Animal Science

    PA Department of Labor High Priority Occupation!
  • Animal science student examining an animal

    Working directly with small and large animals, the Animal Science program prepares students to provide for the welfare of animals in the companion and production fields. Students who wish to combine a love for animals with an interest in science are prepared to explore post-secondary educational opportunities as well as entry-level employment.
    Sample Career Skills
    • Understand basic animal safety, gender determination and handling procedures for a variety of animals
    • Learn scientific principles of animal care and cultivation
    • Learn anatomy and physiology of animals
    • Evaluate vital signs
    • Understand genetics and breeding of animals
    • Manage nutritional requirements and advanced treatment methods for a variety of species 


  • Certifications (3)

    CareerSafe OSHA 10 Agriculture Daily Nutrition Matters 101, 201, 301 Certificate
    Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow
    Pennsylvania Beef Quality Assurance Certificate

    College Credits (3)    

    Earn up to 3 college credits.

    Workplace Opportunities (11)  

    Some notable partners include: the Animal Hospital of Chester County, Best in Coat Grooming Salon and more!
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  • Animal science student examining a bunny             A group of animal science students feeding a goat