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    PA Department of Labor High Priority Occupation!
    The Animal Science program prepares students to provide for the welfare of animals in the pet, production and biomedical fields. Students who wish to combine a love for animals with an interest in the life sciences are groomed for post-secondary education and entry-level employment. Traditional theory instruction complements hands-on activities involving small and large animals. Students should possess a strong academic background and have a 2.5 GPA or higher. 
    Program Concentrations:
    • Animal anatomy and physiology
    • Animal disease and preventative health care
    • Genetics and reproduction
    • Nutrition
    Career Options:
    Prepare for a career as an animal care assistant, assistant animal lab technician, kennel manager, professional pet sitter, humane officer, animal trainer, groomer or zoo keeper.
    Female student holds fluffy grey ad white bunny.


Female student smiles at camera while holding a grey and white rat.
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    CareerSafe OSHA 10 Agriculture Daily Nutrition Matters 101, 201, 301 certificate
    Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow
    Pennsylvania Beef Quality Assurance Certificate
    Purina Mills Lab Animal Care Certificate
    Youth Pork Quality Assurance Program (National Pork Board)
    Open Dual Enrollment Credits
    Delaware County Community College
    1:1 Articulation Credits
    Delaware Valley University
    Harcum College
    Click here for more information on opportunities to earn college credit. 
    Upperclassmen may be hired at local companies such as: Colebrook Manor Hospital and West Chester Animal Hospital. Co-ops allow students to work during their school day, earn real-world experience and build their resumes.
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