• Baking & Pastry Arts

    PA Department of Labor High Priority Occupation!

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    The baking and pastry industry is in high demand for dedicated, passionate, artistic and skilled pastry chefs. Through hands-on experience, which includes work for external clients, this program provides students with the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills needed to become an accomplished pastry artist within this industry.

    Sample Career Skills
    • Be introduced to the industry including baking preparation and fundamentals
    • Learn basic mixing methods for cookies, quick breads and pies
    • Identify and prepare various yeast products, creams, mousses, custards and related items
    • Demonstrate food presentation techniques utilizing various enriched yeast doughs, cake decorating techniques, royal icing, fondant and gum paste
    • Prepare pate choux, puff pastry, phyllo and frozen desserts 


  • Certifications (1)

    ServSafe Certificate (National Restaurant Association)

    College Credits (3) 

    Earn up to 3 college credits.

    Workplace Opportunities (4) 

    Some notable partners include: Eclat Chocolatier, Faraway Farms, La Baquette and more!
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